AIDA is dedicated to justice for the environment in the Americas.  Our mission is to strengthen people's ability to guarantee their individual and collective right to a healthy environment, via the development, implementation, and effective enforcement of national and international law.

Attorneys from and in Latin America deliver international and regional legal expertise tailored to help communities and organizations solve environmental problems.  We collaborate with partner organizations from Chile to Canada.  Together, we advocate and litigate for environmental protection in national and international settings. 

AIDA builds regional capacity to defend the environment and vulnerable groups.  We do this by disseminating knowledge, crafting winning legal arguments, strengthening policies and legislation, and creating model strategies for communities to enforce the law.  Our work sets legal precedents that require and improve protections for the environment and the human right to a healthy environment.  

AIDA’s work falls into four categories: Climate Change, Freshwater Protection, Marine Protection, and Human Rights and the Environment.  Embedded in each are two additional priorities: Strengthening Environmental Governance and Public Participation to create legal mechanisms for environmental protection, and Capacity Building to help Latin American civil society groups better use these critical tools.

AIDA’s team of 25 advocates in seven countries works with additional legal, scientific, and policy organizations on a project-by-project basis.  These collaborations allow AIDA to create enormous impact with limited resources.  In addition to attorneys, AIDA has communications specialists who generate media coverage and citizen engagement in support of legal goals, and development professionals who expand financial support for the organization.   

In its first 15 years, AIDA protected endangered turtles, ancient native forests, coastal wetlands, coral reefs, and sources of fresh water.  Litigation and legal advocacy reduced emissions of toxic pollutants, curtailed indiscriminate pesticide spraying, and halted destructive agriculture, aquaculture, mining, and energy projects.  AIDA established the Environmental Justice Network in Colombia.  AIDA’s work in Mexico led to a constitutional amendment that improves protection of the human right to a healthy environment. 
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